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I am a Communications + International Studies student majoring in México.

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Finally catching up…

This Online Documentary course is like a drop of visine into sore, dry, tired eyes. I’m excited.

Dear you….


30th September 2011

Got my hands on a typewriter and couldn’t resist writing you a letter. I’ve been slack with postcards and packages for sometime now, little did I know it’s only because I haven’t had a typewriter in my life.

The sun is out and shining today, my back is injured so I’m in bed again. The upside is, I was here to take the rubbish out, it’s been piling up. I’ll tell you what the deal with the rubbish is…The rubbish guys ring a bell, like an old bell they might have had at your primary school that (if you were good) you might have been allowed to ring. Anyway the rubbish guy rings this bell, letting everyone know that they’ve arrived. Then I, and all my neighbors, have to gather all the rubbish bags, organic rubbish in a separate bag, head downstairs and hand it over to the rubbish guy who then tosses it into the back of his truck. The whole community is out there ridding themselves of their waste. As much as it’s frustrating that you can’t just take the rubbish out whenever you need to, I like it, it makes me feel like a productive community member.

Kelly, my flat mate, has become obsessed with kangaroos. She loves them. She researches them and watches Skippy the Bush Kangaroo whenever she has a spare moment. She says if she was Australian her spirit animal would be a kangaroo, but she says “roo” because she thinks it’s funny that Australian’s refer to kangaroos as roos.

I feel impatient today, I suppose it’s because I’m bedridden and I’ve drunk a fair bit of coffee. I feel impatient for the future. Yeh, I’ve definitely had too much caffeine.

I haven’t decided who this letter is for yet and I wonder if it even matters, maybe it’s just for me… It makes going on a little complicated though. It’s a letter with no questions about how YOU are doing…whoever you are.

I’m going to be celebrating my first Halloween with people from the United States this year. Kelly wants to go as Skippy of course. I’m thinking of going as Flipper. Thought perhaps we could do a fabulous threesome thing, find ourselves a Lassie.

Yesterday there was a homeless guy doing a poo in a garden bed right near my place. I didn’t get a good look at him but Raúl said he was eating leaves off the shrub in front of him at the same time. It really disgusted me but I felt so sorry for him. Imagine how dirty those leaves must have been.

Being bedridden is one sure way to save your pesos, I haven’t spent a single one today.

What luck with the timing that I washed all my bedclothes just the other day for fear of the bed bugs. Imagine if I was bedridden and paranoid about bedbugs at the same time. Last week I was so itchy I felt like getting a plane back to Sydney. It would have saved me injuring my back though I spose. Either way I’m still here, bedridden with a bad back but not at all paranoid about the bed bugs. The itchy spots seem to be improving and I don’t have any new ones coming up.

I wonder if Raúl is on his way over and if he’s bringing the kilo of guavas I asked for.

Even though I’m using the typewriter to write you this, I keep the laptop along side it so that I can see if anyone writes me an email or if it’s my move on words with friends.

Raúl just arrived, not only did he bring the kilo of guavas he also brought me a little brown dog piñata. It reminds me of Natc’s dog Frankie. It makes me laugh just looking at it.


I love you so much and I miss you so much too.



Love Nicky. xxxoooxx


Windows, Walls & Doors

Windows, Walls & Doors

Windows, Walls & Doors